Meet Online!

Today, the internet is everywhere and network speeds are much higher quality. Make your time and your client’s time better used by meeting online. Don’t miss life’s events because you have to be in the office. Now, you can meet with your clients at your convenience and theirs. No office required!

High Quality Secure Video

Our video service is HIPAA grade, person to person connected for your privacy. No server in the middle waiting to be hacked. When you and your clients connect to the call no one else can.

Multiple User Roles for Small Offices

Provider – Person who owns the calendar.
Office Admin – Front desk admin’s that can book appointments, change client’s information.
Admin – This user has all the Power! Create/Edit Providers(calendars), Clients, Office Admin.

Your Own Personal Calendar

Each provider in your company can have their own calendar and schedule their clients. One to as many as you need can be setup to fit your needs.

Your Own Personal Secure Server and Database

When we add your business to our landscape, we will set you up on your very own server and your data will run on an isolated database as well. Privacy and security are paramount to us.

Set Appointment Price

Set your appointment prices by time, i.e. $90 per 30 minutes and all 30 minute appointments will cost $90. Override the price per appointment. Clients pay with Credit Card or PayPal.* We can also provide $0 appointments

Share Your Screen

We now support screen sharing! You or your client can now share their screen to make it easier to share what you are seeing.

Your Clients Can Upload Documents

We make it easy for your clients to upload documents and for you to access those documents whenever needed.

Type Notes While You Meet

Your video window is split screen with half the screen to see your client and the other half to take notes while you meet. Notes are autosaved so you can focus on your meeting.

3rd Party Tracking/ Monitoring Service Available

We have customers that treat addiction, clients checking in with law enforcement and other areas that can require the need to monitor sobriety, where they are or to “check in.” We’ve partnered with Sober Assist to help manage how to track your clients.

HIPAA Compliant

A Friend Who Cares website and mobile apps are HIPAA compliant. Our BAA is available upon request. When we add your business to our landscape, each of our customers are on their own server and run on an isolated database too.